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Education Is In Your Hand 

Same But Different


At Parallelogram Institute, we will not ask you to change anything that makes you an amazingly unique individual.

We believe the spirit under which you are seeking support is a vital part of your future growth.

We believe in honoring the unique personalities, culture, and experiences that have developed you so far.

We use your experiences as a roadmap to help you take your skills into the future with success.

If you have a dream of earning extra income using your teaching experience, knowledge, and skills, our Innovative Programs will take you there.

Our framework focuses on three areas:

  • Learning
  • Instruction
  • Innovation

We treat all our clients as individuals and do not think a one-size-fits-all solution will work.

We will help you develop a customized plan for your  skills and needs.

My name is Daphney Phillip, and I am the founder of the Parallelogram Institute. With over 20 years’ experience as a classroom teacher, I  understand the life of teachers and their passion to teach others.

Over the years, I have helped colleagues, parents, and students reach their academic goals. I coached educators on how to integrate technology in their teaching repertoire based on their personality to support classroom instruction, to develop digital citizens, and to increase student achievement.

Our focus is on finding areas where You could be more efficient when doing your work. We work together to develop a path for you to reach your goal as a leader, inspirer, and innovator.

To Develop Your Skills as a Leader:

  • We help you develop your learning profile.
  • We will Survey your problem solving skills, learning desires, and purpose for your learning.
  • Create a blueprint for your learning development based on your learning profile and the purpose for your learning.
  • We will evaluate The effectiveness of the plan throughout the process.

 To Develop Your Skills to Inspire Your Audience:

  • We will customize your instructional process based on the results on your learning profile and goals.
  • We will provide no more than 90 minutes of group instruction guiding you through instructional exercises based on your learning goals.
  • We will administer an evaluate before and after your instructional experience. 
  • We will provide necessary materials for self-directed learning for application.

To Help You Identify Areas For Innovation:

  • Based on your learning profile and instructional goals we will look at different sets of tools that can be used to meet your instructional goals and dig deeper to learn how to use these tools.
  • We will Identify your skill level on the different tools, the results will be use to teach you how to use these tools to increase your skills and productivity.
  • We will teach you new techniques using the latest technology tools.
  • We will teach you the psychology of technology.

Personality First Then Tech


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Come Work With Us

Money Back Guarantee

Qualified Advisors

Amazing Results

We deliver the most for our clients. We have worked with educators worldwide, helping them set up their small businesses to earn money. We have a comprehensive program to fit your needs. We guarantee that you don’t pay if you follow and implement our plan and don’t see results.

We offer various professional services that help determine which teaching skills, experience, or knowledge you could get paid for solving other people’s problems. We have a support system to walk you through the process of setting up a small business.

Our dynamic programs use the Lii Framework to prepare our clients to lead, inspire, or innovate. Our services will serve you whether you are just starting with minimal skills, overwhelmed with information, or need high-level executive mentoring or tips that fit your needs.

You Too Can Lii




Leading With Confidence

Lead with the insurance that we are equipped with the necessary knowledge to motivate our clients to achieve their goals. We communicate effectively to engage and inspire our clients. We lead from the heart and compassion when dealing with clients.

Inspiring With Confidence

Inspire our clients to become the best version of themselves with step-by-step action guides. We direct our clients with strategies to meet their goals. We are friendly and personable enough to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Inspiring With Confidence

Innovate our internal processes when necessary to improve our services to meet our client needs more efficiently. We use the latest technology tools and platforms to evaluate our clients’ skills and needs. We ensure that our clients understand the psychology of technology usage.

We Support the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #4 Quality Education

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