Dr. Daphney Phillip on Elevating Educators and Helping Them Transition Into Entrepreneurial Powerhouses

One of the hallmarks of the teaching profession is being able to spark action and inspire people. At any given time, there is no shortage of educators who go the extra mile in order to spur people and communities forward. While these individuals have become an instrument of transformation, there is a lack of initiatives that are focused on teachers as learners, motivators, and innovators. In recognition of the sacrifices that teachers make throughout their careers and the potential they hold to carry on the promise of a better world, Dr. Daphney Phillip, an esteemed name in the industry, is here to address the gap and serve as a catapulting device for thousands of educators across the world.

Highly acclaimed for her brilliance, passion, dedication, and business acumen, Dr. Daphney Phillip is a coach, speaker, author, and creator of the Leading, Inspiring, and Innovating and Destination You Method. She is also the founder of Parallelogram Institute and Teachers Business Academy and the host of the Personality 1st Then Tech podcast. Passionate about becoming a positive force in the teaching trade, Dr. Phillip is currently going all out to deliver her promise of elevating the industry through her multiple initiatives.

Before making revolutionary strides across the trade, Dr. Daphney Phillip was an educator who worked in secondary schools and adult continuing education. Her knowledge areas include STEM, math assessment, curriculum and professional development, and educational technology. Throughout her career, she has published research studies, established expert-level training, and developed strategic relationships among educators, colleagues, and stakeholders, creating a positive learning environment that has impacted the students, particularly in their academic performance.

After accumulating over 20 years of experience in the field, Dr. Daphney Phillip has developed an unrelenting desire to elevate educators higher by creating initiatives that not only speak volumes of her dedication towards the craft but also boast a passion for helping the teaching profession. Thus, she breathed life into an endless string of growth programs and initiatives, and one of them is her company, the Parallelogram Institute.

Parallelogram Institute is an emerging consultation agency that helps teachers earn money outside the classroom. Realizing that teachers continue to be underpaid, Dr. Daphney Phillip aims to assist these professionals in becoming entrepreneurs, transitioning them to a career filled with profit and sustainability.

“I work with teachers who love teaching but hate their jobs because of being burned out, overworked, and underpaid,” shared Dr. Phillip. “Thus, I created a five-step process that helps them transition out of the classroom and into the world of entrepreneurship,” she added.

Without a doubt, being an educator in these highly competitive times is not an easy task. However, Dr. Daphney Phillip aims to help educators transition from being merely success enablers to powerhouses in the years to come. She hopes to see more teachers leverage what they already know and become a force in the entrepreneurship realm, so educators can do what they love, control their time, and be paid what they’re really worth.

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